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Wednesday, Sept. 05, 2007
8:06 AM

Vacation Plans
As things slowly get back to normal, we've begun making vacation plans. Originally we were going to spend a week in Washington, D.C., but wit the way things have been going lately a nice quiet week in the woods sounded better to all of us. So, the second week of October we are headed here. It looks very peaceful and restful and, well, isn't that the whole goal of a vacation? I really don't want to be more tired when we get back that when we left. Plus, I think the fresh air and wide open spaces will be good for the girls. We are not taking the computer. We are only taking one cell phone, for emergencies. I am dbating if I am going to allow video games and iPods. We ARE going to take lots of board games and movies and such. Maybe I am expecting too much, but I really want to use this time to reconnect as a family.

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