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Monday, Feb. 02, 2004 - 9:37 AM

Happy Monday, everyone! Are you as thrilled to be here as I am? I know you are! What a fantastically wonderful day this is going to be.


Even pretending to be that happy wore me out. I think I need a nap now.

I, of course was up way too late last night what with waiting for the Stupor Bowl to end so I could watch Survivor.

What did you think of it? It seemed a little bland to me. We already know these characters so the getting to know who's who in the first few episodes is gone. I am really surprised they got rid of Tina. That just means that Ethan is next - beautiful, eye-candy Ethan. I hope it is a while before this tribe loses again.


I had some interesting things happen in Diary world this weekend. First someone joined my Walmartfree diary ring. My first one! That was nice. It is good to know others besides me are fighting the good fight against the evil empire.

Second, someone added me as one of their favorite diaries for the first time. That makes me happier than you can imagine. I've just been giddy about it. I mean, not only did someone read this (and more and more have been lately); they actually want to come back and read what else I write? Craziness! The pressure is really on now for me to write something hysterically funny or beautifully poignant, unfortunately, I just don’t think that is in the cards for today.

Third, someone left a little me a little note (which you can read by clicking the link at the bottom of this entry) that was a little rude and so I responded by being a little more rude. I couldn’t help myself. Then I went over to this person’s diary and left a rude note there too. I usually don’t care when someone says something negative, you know. I mean, everyone has their own opinion and I recognize that. Anyway, I just lost it, but that DOES NOT mean I am sorry for what I said.


Oh, it’s

>Groundhog Day and it looks like we are in for six more weeks of wintery weather – yuck.


The hubby and I finally did make it up to Dunlap to the drive in theatre. That was a really great time. I had never been to one, but I think I may be a regular from now on. We saw Big Fish and it was really an enjoyable experience all the way round. Even the 45 minute drive was nice.


Here’s your Simpsons trivia question:

According to the poster in “Simpsons Tall Tales”, what is Nelson wanted for?

a. Nerd busting

b. Marriage dodging

c. Chicken stomping

d. Tomato pitching

And here’s the answer to our last question.

“In his tuxedo pants”



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